Courier Logistic Services

A courier is a company or person that delivers mail, valuable documents and small packages that are 150 lbs or less to someone who lives locally, the country or internationally.

Courier services are preferred over a post office at times because they are very fast, efficient and almost always have door to door service. Residential and business clients use courier companies because they offer premium services that include custom delivery deadlines from a few hours to a few days, tracking and signature service, which is why it is more expensive than the post office.

Imagine a Sail Shipping & Logistic Service company which is a Inbound warehouse and Courier Service company coming together.

The advantage is beyond :-
– Same day delivery
– Save time and money
– Dispatch of goods on point of arrival
– 24-hour service
– Personalized customer service
– Live tracking
– Scalability and flexibility
– Market expansion

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